Friday, March 18, 2011

Character Timeline

Haven't put up something in a while so I thought I'd update:

I've never really drawn anthro characters before but I enjoyed this one.

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Jean Liang said...

the third one scares me so much! and the baby is adorable :D

David said...

Ha, makes me think of the Redwall books.

Hey, how much longer are you in Ontario? I'm super busy until the 8th and then not busy At All.

Aki Yun Lee said...

Then I've done my job, Jean.

David, I'm here till June 2nd. My school doesn't end till the end of April so I've got a school-free May. However, I'm probably going to be working on some personal animation projects and doing cosplay-related things |D We'll see.

Timothy Chan said...

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Haruto said...


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